[If you wear red tonight....] Photo Sergey Maltsev
Photo Sergey Maltsev Photo AE Chernavsky Photo Alexander Nemenov
Photo Bill Bernstein Photo Ivan Secretarev/AP Photo Alexandr Nemenov
Photo A.E.Chernavsky
Photo Sergey Maltsev We Can Work it Out Photo Maxim Sergeev
Here Today Photo Maxim Sergeev Photo Maxim Sergeev Something
Calico Skies (Putin joins the crowd)

Концерт/ Concert, 24 MAY 2003

Really knock me out
The concert was great, the reception we got was fabulous. At first it was just going to be 35,000 people, all seated, which wasn''t what we had in mind at all. But they opened it up and we had real hardcore fans at the front and back, and dignitaries and paying customers sandwiched in between. The rest of the crowd was bananas. It was everything I''d ever hoped for. And then Putin did turn up halfway through, which was an added bonus, because he''s very popular - I''m sure it won''t do him any harm either. Heather and I had spoken to him about landmine clearances earlier, and when he turned up I was singing the line, ''May we never be called to handle all the weapons of war we despise,'' on ''Calico Sky'', which is probably the only anti-war sentiment in the whole show.

Auraveda Remix (Pre-show)

Hello Goodbye
All My Loving
Getting Better
Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady- ending
Lonely Road
Your Loving Flame
Every Night
We Can Work It Out (21:25)
You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight
The Fool On the Hill (21:33)
Here Today
Eleanor Rigby
Here There and Everywhere
I''ve Just Seen A Face
Calico Skies (21:53) Putin joins the crowd
Two Of Us
Slow version of Band On The Run intro then Band On The Run
Back In The USSR (22:10)
Maybe I''m Amazed
Let ''Em In
My Love
She''s Leaving Home
Can''t Buy Me Love
Live and Let Die
Let It Be
Hey Jude
Long And Winding Road
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There
Back In The USSR
Sgt. Pepper''s Reprise/The End
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