Back in the USSR
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Концерт (продолжение)/Concert Part II

Back in the USSR
The reaction to ''Back in the USSR'' was just electric. I knew it was going to be good, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual reaction. And I should have known really, logically and intellectually. Lots of people said to me, ''This is the only song that anyone ever wrote about Russia,'' - in the pop genre. And they asked, was it tongue in cheek? And I said, ''Yeah, ''course, it was a pisstake on Chuck Berry''s "Back in the USA".'' Everyone was like, ''We can''t wait for you to play it!'' We usually play it in the middle of the set, and for most shows it works well there. But when we did it, I just thought, it''s in the wrong place. And Putin had missed it by the time he''d arrived, so I just added it to the encore and razzed it up a little bit more, and I introduced it by saying, ''We''ve had a special request for this one again.''

There was a popular joke in the 80-s.
The trick is that in Russian the name ''Paul''[Пол]and ''one half''[пол] sound identically.
Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the communist party back then and who was seriously ill and often with confused mind, is being reported that Paul McCartney is willing to perform in the Soviet Union.
-Isn''t it strange? Don''t understand why the WHOLE McCartney is not willing to?
Another ending:
-Say ''No.'' Only the WHOLE McCartney will be allowed to perform in the USSR.
Russian 1TV report
A&E Paul In Red Square

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