Photo Bill Bernstein Вот тут я вчера выдал такое! Photo Bill Bernstein Photo Bill Bernstein
Photo by V Balaban And in the end... Guests'' Book at the Baltchug Hotel I''ll be back

25 Мая / День Четвертый/ Day 4

''We went back and had a look around Red Square the day after the show, and we had a bike ride. I was told off by the cycling bureau or someone. The guy couldn''t speak very good English and he just kept going, ''Niet! Niet!'' and I was like, ''What?''. And he said, ''No cycling,'' meaning on Red Square. So I asked, ''Why not?'' and he said, ''Sacred place.'' So I said, ''But I just did a concert here last night,'' and he said, ''I know_ good show, great show!'' And there were a lot of incidents like that, but it was all very good humoured... and at the end of the day we sneaked a little bike ride in.''

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