Anthea Eno and Macca Photo Bill Bernstein

Мастер Класс/MasterClass/23 Мay

23 Мая в первой половине Пол дал мастер-класс для воспитанников Меншиковского фонда (the Menshikov Foundation), основанного Антеей Ино (Anthea Eno), влюбленной в Питер, живущей переодически здесь и которая фактически и убедила Пола приехать вначале в Санкт-Петербург до концерта в Москве 24 мая. За что огромное ей спасибо, что я ей лично и передал. Пол послушал одаренных детей, а увидев теннисный стол, немного поиграл. Good boy!

Don''t know how lucky you are, boys
We actually flew into St Petersburg. Brian Eno''s wife Anthea has links there, and after Brian did a masterclass at my old school, LIPA, she said I should do a masterclass there. So when we started talking about Russia, I told the promoters I wanted to link in Anthea''s offer to do a masterclass and cut the ribbon at an orphanage called the Menshikov Foundation. Then the St Petersburg Conservatoire decided they were going to give me a honorary doctorate. Which is unbelievable! I mean, this is where Tchaikovsky went! There is similarity between LIPA and the Conservatoire, but I was just walking round, thinking, ''Stravinsky_ Tchaikovsky_''
I didn''t play for them. I would have had to practise a little bit, seeing as Tchaikovsky was the opening act. But it was a lovely thing, fantastic. And when it was time to leave St Petersburg I was joking, saying, ''Come on, it''s time to march on Moscow.''

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