Photo Sergey Malyshev Меншиковский Манеж/Menshikov Manege Вид изнутри /Current view Мы ждали тебя 40 лет!/40 years waiting 4 U! Коля в предвкушении праздника/Fans will be Fans Всем привет/ Hello everybody!
Флейта для пола/Flute for Paul (left Anthea Eno)
Silver Medal from another Menshikov Fund And an old printing with the view of the Menshikov Palace in 18 century In Commemoration/ of the Opening/ of the Menshikov Charity Foundation/ in the presence of Sir Paul McCartney/ Saint Petersburg/ 23 May 2003 Programme
Foto Madina Iskhakova/Sergeant
Foto Madina Iskhakova/Sergeant
See you pals! Rock-n-Roll! В Москву/ For Moscow Photo Infantyev Сержант Сержант

Меншиковский Манеж/Menshikov Manege/ 23 May

После обеда Пола с Хизер ждали в Меншиковском Манеже на торжественном открытии Меншиковского фонда. Перед Манежем развернули плакаты Коля Васин сотоварищи. Приехал Пол с Хизер и вся команда, известный английский телеведущий Дэйвид Фрост и многия прочия.

May 23 Paul participated and opened the Menshikov Foundation at the Menshikov Manege.

The Menshikov Foundation aims to provide young people with training as recording engineers, studio operators and record producers
to provide musical instruments (classical and electronic) to selected orphanages; to develop and train a Menshikov Youth Orchestra, specialising in recording music for films

For more information about the Foundation, please visit a link below.
Menshikov Foundation
Флейта для Пола
Лаборатория звука
Arriving Menshikov

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