Официальный плакат
Схема секторов Sections Concert Ticket:Sector(C) 6, row 6, seat 2 worth 16000 roubles/ Concert ticket
Backstage pass

Posters and Tickets

Paul has brought his programme within the framework of his Back in the World. The organisers in Russia were Alfa Bank, TNK oil company, British Petroleum, Mercury, SAV Entertainment.

1.CD front cover
2.Official tour poster
4.St.Pete's fans leaflet
5.Invitation for the Menshikov Foundation opening ceremony
6.Invitation (back; ceremony to start at 16:45 23 may in the presence of Sir Paul McCartney)
7.Menshikov Foundation Inaugural Programme
8.British Council Poster w PM's greetings with 300 ann. of St.Petersburg (on display on 2 underground lines in St.Petersburg in October 2003)Shot taken at the opening of the Menshikov Foundation.
9.Sitting plan (сцена-stage)
10.Concert area plan with parking lots.(The article dated 23 may reads (bottom right) that some tickets available: C2-21000 rbl ($700), C27, C28 -6300 rbl ($210), Stand-up only 1575 rbl ($53) and 1050 rbl ($35).
11. Sitting plan with tickets prices in roubles ($1=30 Russian roubles). 'Приглашение'-'Invitation'
12.Concert Ticket worth 20 000 rbl ($666) C2,row 4,seat 12
13. Concert ticket worth 16000 roubles ($533): C6, row 6, seat 2
14.Concert ticet (stand-up only) worth 1500 roubles ($50)
15. Tickets back
16. Backstage pass
'Участник' - Participator

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