Anthea Eno, Heather and Paul Photo Andrei Novodran Photo Yuri Belinsky Photo Alexei Danichev Photo Yuri Belinsky
Photo Sergei Kompaneichenko Photo Andrei Novodran Photo Andrei Novodran Photo Alexei Danichev Hermitage (Photo Sergey Vasilyev) School named after Glinka Photo Infantiev
Moscow Baltchug Kempinski Heather, Paul and Putin Photo Tatiana Makeeva Photo Maxim Marmur Photo Igor Ivandikov
Photo Igor Ivandikov Photo Igor Vereschagin
Photo Anton Denisov/Itar-Tass Photo Alexander Nemenov Photo Bill Bernstein from Each One Believing Photo Alexander Nemenov Photo Ivan.Sekretarev /AP
Photo Anton Denisov/Itar-Tass Photo Anton Denisov/Itar-Tass Photo Bill Bernstein

Четыре Дня в России/ Four Winding Days in Russia

22 May, St.Petersburg
Conservatory, Hermitage

23 May, St.Petersburg
Master class, Menshikov Foundation, Arriving Moscow

24 May Moscow
Kremlin, Pre-show photos, Pressconference, Concert

25 May, Moscow
Bike ride round Red Square, Departure
Paul in Red Square
RTR video report (extended)

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